about stephenadams.com.

This website is where I publish photographs of my work, which includes, sculpture, digital images, paintings, drawings, and writing. 

From 1977 – 1995 I worked mostly in the Houston, Texas area as a painter, printmaker, and sculptor, and my work was displayed at various group and one-person shows. For a curriculum vitae, click here. In the early 1990’s I began experimenting with computer-generated and photocopy elements in my paintings and mixed-media pieces.

In 1995 - 2002 I worked in San Francisco and transitioned almost exclusively to digital visual imagery. And, although I have always written sporadically, I began devoting more time to writing. 

In 2002 I moved to Portland, Oregon, where I returned to sculpture, working primarily in glass and wood, but also including stone, concrete, and other found objects. For more information about my sculpture, click here.

All images and writing on this web site are fully protected by copyright laws. The images are low-resolution web versions of higher-resolution originals. Most of the imagery is taken from my own photographs, but I have occasionally borrowed from the work of other photographers and artists whose work has been displayed in other media sources.

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